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Ain't the internet grand?

Here's links to stuff I think is cool in no particular order.                         Smithsonian Folkways records. You can download ANYTHING in their catalogue plus liner notes     Folkway's educational component.             great site for geeky banjo stuff                            great site for geeky bass stuff            one of my favorite contemporary banjoists. great blog.              such a great banjo player and slide guitarist       my friend created this. some really great info here.                 New York's premiere bass shop    My close friend--a great jazz performer               Various fiddle, banjo and mandolin camps in Massachusetts         Youtube videos I upload, like and comment on.                              Oh my god. This instrument shop is so amazing.                                The best online instrument store I've found. Great selection of strings, picks, etc.                                 Free music scores (mostly classical)    Does great, reasonable work on instruments in Park Slope, Brooklyn.                      10 day silent meditation retreats.  I did one once.  It changed my life.                        A great songwriter, producer and composer for film and TV.              I really love Berklee's instructional books. 




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